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The best power solution
for carvaning and camping

Find out why EcoFlow is the ideal choice for you to always have energy on your outdoor adventures.

Power Kit and Power Station

Caravan trips and camping are experiences that connect us with nature, allowing us to escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world. However, to fully enjoy these adventures, it is essential to have a reliable source of energy to power our electronic devices and home appliances.

For lovers ofcaravanning, EcoFlow presents the solutionsPower Kits, one of the first to be created. Being a modular systemplug and play makes installation easy and accessible to any audience. your formatcompact makes the best use of the space in the caravan.

For those who prefer the aspect ofcamping, EcoFlow owns thePower Stations. Beingeasy to carry it's fromto load, allows the user to move anywhere and perform their favorite activities. There are two types of power stations: theEcoFlow River and theEcoFlow Delta, the only difference being power.


EcoFlow ecosystem

To improve your stays, EcoFlow created the Glacier (glacier) and Wave 2 (air conditioning). This range was created with the aim of being very portable, consuming as little energy as possible and with a reduced environmental impact.

Oglacier is a glacier, capable of producingice in 12 minutes and with a built-in battery that you can charge at home. Owave 2 is a air conditioning portable, perfect for any compact space. With5100 BTU cold, it easily reaches the temperature of16ºC


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