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Energy Solutions for Modular Homes

Do you have an "off-grid" house or do you want to use green energy?

We have the ideal solution. 

Modular Houses continue to conquer the market year after year, being a very appealing alternative to traditional construction due to the constant innovations of the materials they use and their architecture and design. One of the most appealing points in relation to traditional construction is that they are very economical.

We present the most efficient and ecological energy solutions so that your modular home never runs out of energy:

Power Kit

EcoFlow Power Kits are the first all-in-one, plug & play” in the world, designed specifically for motorhomes and buildings without access to the electricity grid. Combine up to three EcoFlow 5 kWh LFP batteries with an EcoFlow power center, solar panels and more.

the key components

EcoFlow Energy Center:
The Energy Center is the heart of your Energy Kit. It does the work of 5 components, including 2 MPPT solar charge controllers, a DC-DC battery charger with MPPT, a DC-DC down converter and an inverter charger. Save valuable space and setup time in your campervan or building without access to mains power.

2 kWh / 5 kWh EcoFlow LFP Batteries:
The power kits use EcoFlow's 2 kWh or 5k Wh LFP batteries, expandable up to 15 kWh to meet your consumption needs. They can be combined with a built-in battery management system and automatic heating even for cold environments. Save space and stay safe.

EcoFlow AC/DC Smart Distribution Panel:
Power your appliances with the 6 AC positions and 12 DC positions on the smart distribution panel.

EcoFlow Power Kits Console / EcoFlow App:
Control, monitor and view your energy consumption using the console or from the comfort of your phone with the EcoFlow app.

EcoFlow solar panels:
Charge your batteries with the EcoFlow range of solar panels. Supporting up to 4800W of solar input, you can capture and choose how much solar power you need to charge anywhere.


Smart Home EcoFlow Framework (On-Gridd)

The new Smart Home EcoFlow board is the heart of DELTA Pro's home battery ecosystem (Power Station EcoFlow). Integrates up to two DELTA Pro units with 10 home circuits. Each DELTA Pro can be powered with extra batteries, solar panels or Smart Generators, giving you uninterrupted power during blackouts, smart power management for your critical loads and lower energy bills.


Formore information, contact us here.

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