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Energy Solutions for Nautical

These products will be your best friend on board!

The nautical industry, which includes pleasure craft, fishing boats, transport ships and other types of ships, needs a reliable power source to meet the various needs on board. Energy is essential to supply electricity to lighting systems, navigation equipment, communication systems, refrigeration systems and other electronic and mechanical devices. Discover our suggestions!

Power Kit EcoFlow


EcoFlow ecosystem

To improve your stays, EcoFlow created the Glacier (glacier) and Wave 2 (air conditioning). This range was created with the aim of being very portable, consuming as little energy as possible and with a reduced environmental impact.

Oglacier is a glacier, capable of producingice in 12 minutes and with a built-in battery that you can charge at home. Owave 2 is a air conditioning portable, perfect for any compact space. With5100 BTU cold, it easily reaches the temperature of16ºC

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